Are you a stay at home mom who’s thinking about becoming a Real Estate Agent?

A career in Real Estate is attractive to a lot of people, especially mothers, because of the flexibility in schedule and unlimited income potential that it offers.

And as a mom, you definitely need both!

Well, I’m here to tell you it is possible to start a career in Real Estate with small children.

How? Because I did it myself, I began my career when I was 6 months pregnant!

Keep reading below to learn the 5 things I did to jump start my career into Real Estate with a newborn.

Are you a Stay-at-Home Mom who's considering a career in Real Estate? I was in your shoes once, and I'm here to tell you that it can be done! Read my post to find out how!

I had to make a decision.

When I became pregnant, I was in a career that I did not enjoy.

I hated the long hours, the sporadic scheduling the infinite amounts of effort I would put in daily only to get paid the same among so many other things. As my daughter’s due date drew near, the more stressed I would become.

I had to make a decision.

Either I was going to stay at this job and live in misery or leave.

Making the decision to leave my job was tough, but I knew that if I wanted to create a life that I wanted which included working on my own terms that I would never get there by staying.


I prepared.

Before I decided to leave my job, I prepared myself for a new career.

First, I researched careers that had flexible schedules, low start-up costs as well as high income potential. I knew that time was against me and I could not afford to go back to college to pursue a degree. So, I also needed a career in which there was no degree requirement. 

With this criteria, becoming a Real Estate Agent was the best option for me and my family.

So, while I was still working at my other job I studied for and took my State’s licensing exam to become a Real Estate Agent and became affiliated with an awesome Broker.


I saved money.

I needed to start my Real Estate career as soon as possible.

I also knew that with me leaving my job, my husband would now become the sole income earner and things were going to get tight. So, we began saving money like crazy.

My husband and I ended up saving more than $15,000 in less than a year!


I had to get serious about time management.

Before giving birth, I decided to not put my baby girl in day care right away.

I wanted to spend those first few weeks getting to know her and bonding as a family but I also knew that I couldn’t stay home forever.

I knew that time was going to be an issue and If I wanted to have a Real Estate career at all I had to get serious about time management.

So, months in advance before my daughter’s due date, I began researching and touring affordable day care providers near me as well as developing a schedule to complete important tasks within my business.



I had to maximize my time spent between business and family.

I spent the first 6 months home with my daughter.

As you may know, the first few months with a newborn can be exhausting, but after a while you develop a routine. By creating an eating and sleeping schedule, I was able to maximize time spent with my family and working on my Real Estate business.

When baby girl was sleeping throughout the day and sometimes at night I would use this time to watch training videos, read, purchase marketing materials and most importantly develop my business plan.



I did what I could.

As a new parent, certain tasks can seem impossible to complete.

I am here to reassure you that any progress is better than none. And while it did take some time to get my business started all hope was not lost. Creating a career for yourself is similar to planting seeds, nothing happens overnight. You have to be patient.

Below I have listed the top 5 things I did to start my Real Estate Career as a stay-at-home mom. Hopefully, you can use this as a guide to start your career as well.



5 Steps to Start Your Real Estate Career as a Stay-at-Home Mom


1. Create Business Plan and Make a Schedule

I had to create a business plan.

Every business needs one, especially if you are self-employed, or else you risk making a ton of avoidable and costly mistakes.

I decided to set a schedule (a very flexible schedule). I purchased a planner and for each day of the week, I wrote down one Real Estate task that I needed to complete for each day of the week. These tasks included door knocking or calling friends for referrals.

If I was able to complete that one task I felt really accomplished. Seriously, a newborn will keep you extremely busy and there are days that I felt that I wasn’t getting anything done but if I referred to my planner and I saw that I completed the one task I planned that week then I knew that progress was being made in my career.


2.Watch Training Videos and Listen to Audiobooks

The first thing I decided to do while I was home was to watch company provided Real Estate training videos. Also, YouTube was an awesome free resource for training purposes as well.

Videos are great because it allowed me to multi-task with the little one. I could cook, clean and take care of her while the videos were playing. The same goes for audiobooks of which I am a huge fan. I found that some of them were soothing enough to put my daughter to sleep which was an added plus 🙂 

Two of my favorite books that I highly recommend for new Real Estate Agents is The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller and Mastering the Art of Selling Real Estate by Tom Hopkins.

You can start your trial of Audible today and receive two books free by clicking here!


3. Purchase Marketing Materials

The second thing I did was purchase business cards, car magnet signs as well as subscribed to my local MLS among other key marketing supplies. This requires only a few clicks of the mouse and a fax here and there. There’s no need to leave the home to take care of these things. Also while you’re home you will have ample time to go through your MLS and learn the website and research your market.


4. Set Up Social Media Profiles and Engage

The third thing I found quite easy to take care of was setting up my social media websites. This includes Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Twitter. Don’t forget about the free profiles that you can set up as a Real Estate agent on Zillow, Trulia, and Your web presence is key to your marketing efforts. Your social media websites work for you around the clock and doesn’t require too much maintenance on your part.


5. Have Patience

You’re a mom and I know that you may feel overwhelmed at times with balancing a career and time spent with your family. You have to remember that it takes patience and understand that there will be days where you may not get much done. And that’s ok.

Take it one day at a time and soon you will find that things will begin to get easier as you get better with managing your time and business.

What’s most important is that you find balance between work and family. Like the old joke “How do you eat an elephant?”, how does one start a Real Estate career with a newborn? Well, one task at a time of course.


Are you a Mom juggling a Real Estate Career? How do you manage? Comment Below!


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3 comments on “How I Went From Stay-at-Home Mom to Real Estate Agent”

  1. This was actually very inspiring, i am currently 5 months pregnant and scheduled to take my real estate exam next month, thank you for saying it can be done! In a world of so much negativity and doubt im glad someone is able to say they did it !

    • I’m really proud of you moving forward despite the naysayers. What you are doing is extremely bold and brave. All I can say is Get it girl! Yes, it can be done. Have you taken your exam yet? Let me know how it goes!

  2. I used to get so much done WITH a newborn lol. Now that my baby girl is a rambunctious toddler, I can barely cook dinner without her getting into some sort of mischief! I am researching getting my license now and wondering how to balance it all. Your website has already proven to be a great resource. I like reading about mama’s who hustle 🙂

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