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Spring is here and it is time to make a move!

Whether you are moving out of an apartment, selling a home or relocating because of a job time is of the essence.

I created this guide to help you get move out ready in no time!

Read more below!

Ready to make a move but don't know where to start? Read this guide to help you get move-out ready in no time.



Assuming that you are a month or two out from moving, this checklist will help you get everything squared away very quickly before your move out date.

Spring 2017 Moving Out Guide


Two Months Out- 8 Weeks Until Your Move Out Date


1.Sell Some Stuff

Yes, Spring Cleaning is a must.

Just go ahead and get rid of all those clothes, shoes, games, etc. that you are not using anymore.

If you have to pause and think “Will I use this thing later?” most likely you won’t so sell it, donate, or whatever your heart desires but please get rid of it. Your new place will thank you! (and your back will too!)


2. Locate All Your Important Docs and Keep Them in One Place

I honestly do not know how many times I have moved to another place and lost or misplaced something important such as my birth certificate, social security card, car title, etc. Locate, organize, and gather all of your important files.

Find a secure box to place these items in and make sure it is an easy to locate and memorable place.

Do not hide these items in the attic or basement where it could be easily forgotten when you move.


2. Research and Schedule Moving and Cleaning Companies

Research moving companies in the area to help you get to your next place. If you are living within the same city, find out who can help you move quickly and make sure that they are a reputable company that you would want to work with.

It would be highly advisable to research a cleaning service to straighten up your place. This will save you so much time and help you avoid the headache of making sure your old place is spotless before you leave.

It is would be wise to schedule your moving or cleaning service in advance because they can book pretty quickly. Make sure that the companies you do choose to work with are not committed to other customers around your move out date to avoid any conflicts.


3. Get a Folder to Keep Track of Receipts

Some of your moving expenses may be tax deductible if you are moving for an employer or starting a new job. Make sure you keep all receipts involved with your move in a labeled folder or envelope.


4. Gather Moving Supplies

You will need moving supplies such as cardboard boxes,moving labels, bubble wrap and such to pack away your things. As a suggestion, also try visiting your local grocery or retail store and asking if they have any boxes that they are willing to give away for free.

If not, I am sure that you can buy cardboard boxes online or at your local moving company.


One Month Out- 4 Weeks Until Your Move Out Date


5. Schedule Time Off From Work

Like an idiot, I have tried moving from one place to another without scheduling time off from work. Epic fail.

Save yourself the time, frustration and lack of sleep by scheduling in advance time off on the week or weekend that you will be moving out.


6. Slow Down on the Grocery Shopping.

Decide not to pack your refrigerator up as if there was no tomorrow.

Only buy things as you need them. Do not stockpile your cabinets just because Target had a sale on granola bars.


7.Call Your Utility Companies

Call your utility companies such as your Electric, Gas or Water companies to let them know that you will be moving and will need to either turn off or transfer their services to your new place.


8. Get a Baby/Dog Sitter

If you have small children or a dog, hire someone or ask a friend to watch them on the weekend of your move out.


9. File your Change of Address

Go to your local Postal carrier and file a change of address. They will send all your mail to whatever address you set with them.

If you are friendly with neighbors and they have access to your mailbox, let them know that you will be moving and kindly ask if they could check your mailbox for the week or two after your move out day for any mail left behind.


10. Start Packing

Start packing things that you will not immediately need or use such as books, kitchen appliances, off-season clothing, etc.


11. Get Medical and School Records

If you will be using another medical provider or moving to another school district, contact these sources and have these documents prepared and forwarded.


2 Weeks Out!


12.Confirm Everything

Make sure that you confirm every appointment that you have set for your move out date including any inspections, cleaning services, moving help etc.


13. Begin to Dispose Food

If there’s any left over food in your cabinets or fridge that you don’t plan on eating within the next week, please seek out your nearest shelter and donate these items or offer these items to neighbors.


14.Gather Supplies and Box Items Needed for New Place

There are some essential items that you will need once you move into your new place such as a first aid kit, tissue, soap etc. Place these items in a box and if packing into your moving truck make sure this box is absolute last so that it will be first thing off.


Move Out Day!


15. Do a Final Walk Through & Take Pictures

Today is move out day! And everything should be packed and ready to go.

Now is the time to do a final walk through and to ensure that there isn’t anything left behind or overlooked in your cabinets, closets, basement, attic etc.

If you have a property manager who will perform a final walkthrough with you make sure to take pictures.

You would hate to receive a bill a few months later for damages that you were unaware of. (Yes, this happened to me before and I was not a happy camper!) So make sure you have physical proof aka pictures of any damages that may have occurred during or before your move.


See, that was easy wasn’t it? Following this moving guide should help you be more than prepared as you approach your move out date. Hopefully, your move will go as smoothly as possible and you will be able to move into your new place stress-free and happy.

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