Yes. you read right.

My husband and I saved $15,000 in less than a year.

What’s even more awesome is that we were able to pay off our cars as well as put down a significant amount towards our student loans.

Now we did have to make a few sacrifices, but none that impacted our lives in a way that made us uncomfortable.

If you want to pay off debt, build an emergency fund or just have “fun” money, read this post to find out how we did it.

If you want to pay off debt, build an emergency fund or just have "fun money" read this post to find out how.

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How My Husband and I Saved $15000 in 7 Months


1.Put Our Money in One Account

Honestly, if you are married there is no reason why you should not have a joint account.

If you don’t trust your significant other with money, you may have other issues and I strongly suggest you guys seek counseling.

I digress, combining our accounts allowed us to really see how much money we were spending.

With two sets of eyes on one account, we were able to keep each other in check when spending money on unnecessary items.

2.Carpooled to Work

When we decided to start saving money, we chose to carpool to work.

We saved a significant amount of money on gas and maintenance of our cars.

If your work schedule doesn’t permit this, try setting up a carpool network with your co-workers.

It’s a win-win for everybody!


3.Used Credit Cards for Everything

Now, this is a step you must proceed with extreme caution.

If you are a “happy” spender then this might not be good for you.

My husband and I only used our credit cards for things that we were going to buy anyway such as groceries, gas, phone bills etc.

The credit cards we used offered cash back on rotating categories, special discounts on products and 0% balance transfers.

The money we would save from these cards we would put towards paying off our debts.


4.Sold Junk/Stuff We Didn’t Need

We looked around our apartment and realized we had extra stuff taking up space that we didn’t use and probably were not going to use any time soon.

We got rid of our bikes, extra TVs, electronics and baby stuff. In addition, this was an excellent way to rid our home of unnecessary clutter


5.Lived Off Lesser/ Minimal Income

Since I made significantly less than my spouse, we decided to live off my income and save whatever money was left from his end.

With my income alone, we were able to pay for our basic needs and it covered our rent and most of our major bills.


6.Ditched Cable

We got rid of our cable box.

Best decision ever.

We are no longer pounded my senseless commercials and paying for a bunch of TV channels and shows we don’t even watch.

We now pay only for internet and use Amazon Prime for all of our TV and movie needs.

I highly recommend you try it out!

You can get a free 30-day trial by clicking here.


7.Downgraded Phone Plan

Since we are a family strictly using internet, we decided that we no longer needed large amounts of data on our phone plan.

Most restaurants/ hotels you will visit offer free wi-fi anyway so we didn’t feel it was a must to have 20 GB of data anymore.

We took note of the data we actually used and made that our limit.


8.No Fast Food

We didn’t eat out. We would pack lunches for work, keep snacks in our cars as well as make large dinners on Sunday and Wednesdays so that we could enjoy leftovers for a few days throughout the week.

If we saw something we wanted to buy while out and about we would ask ourselves, ” Can I make this at home?

If so, then we were not buying it.


9.Learned to Say “No”.

Sometimes you have to decline invitations to events to avoid from spending money that you know can be put to use somewhere else.

We had to learn to say no to several things, outings with friends even visiting family states away because of travel costs.

When your finances are in order you can travel when you want! But until then, learn to say no to things that are not needed.

10.No Unnecessary Traveling

Like mentioned previously, we decided that we were not taking any vacations or unnecessary trips anywhere if it was not required. Including to the grocery store.

As Amazon Prime members we can have our groceries and other household necessities delivered to us right at home!

We have saved so much time and money using this that it’s unbelievable!

I literally have my groceries delivered to my door with a just a click of a button and I have the option to have select purchases delivered on a subscription basis so I save 15% on necessities that I purchase any way (Plus I save even more by using my cash back credit cards to pay for these services).

No waiting in lines, dealing with traffic or wasting time shopping (or getting distracted while shopping and buying things I don’t need).

11.Raised Thermostat in Summer, Lowered Thermostat in Winter

We kept our thermostats on lockdown. We made sure to keep the temperature in our home comfortable enough that we were not freezing or sweating like pigs. In the summer, our thermostat was set to 76-78 degrees, and in the Winter 74-76 degrees. By doing this we saw a huge reduction in our electric and gas bills.

12. We started blogs.

Blogging is a great way to earn passive income.

We developed blogs on topics that we know and love.

Everyone has something that they are an expert in and can offer valuable information to others in need.

With driving traffic to our blogs, we are able to generate a small income through affiliate links at no cost to our readers.

If you would be interested in starting a blog click here!


13. Became Real Estate Agents

Whether you are thinking about selling Real Estate full time or part time it is one of the best career decisions my husband and I have ever made.

I love the freedom in income and schedule that a career in Real Estate offers us. It is also the most secure way to build long term wealth known to mankind.



The first step in saving money is to become committed to a goal. As a reminder, saving money while married has to be a mutual agreement and both parties must be held accountable.

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