Last month was awesome.

I gained over 700 followers on Pinterest as well as increased my monthly blog pageviews from 167 in October to an astounding 1,787 views in November! (update: I have now reached 2,898 total views for the month of December yay!)

Since then I have been receiving more than 200+ views a day on a fairly new blog with only 20 blog posts.

Did I also mention that my pins on Pinterest are being repinned like crazy?


The numbers pretty much speak for themselves.

I have recieved massive traffic on my blog by doing a few vital things everyday and in this post I share with you step by step of what I did to gain followers, increase blog views and drive consistent traffic to my page.

In this post I share with you step by step the things I did to massively increase my blog page views and gain Pinterest followers in less than a month.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic


Everyone starts from zero.

When I started my blog, I had virtually no followers on Pinterest. I barely had any friends on any of my social media accounts except for family.

A few months later, everything has changed drastically (and for the better!).

To achieve these results I had to be super focused and have goals.  Not small goals either but huge, scary goals.

When I started my blog, I set a goal of  1 million followers, 100,000 pageviews a day.


Because I wanted to have a large impact. I have a deep desire to help others and I wanted to share a wealth of information.

I know that in order to do that I had to set a goal so large that I was forced to work towards it.

Setting a goal of 50 pageviews a day was achievable. If I reached that goal I was sure to get comfortable.

[ctt template=”4″ link=”webU7″ via=”yes” ]I don’t want to be comfortable. @mamarealest[/ctt]

Being comfortable means to me that I will not grow.

And we all know that in order to grow, we have to get out of our comfort zone. So 1 million followers and 100,000 pageviews it is.

I’m learning new things about my blog everyday and I make it a mission to implement anything that I learn as soon as possible so that I am able to see results in a timely fashion.

Of all the things I’ve learned in the past few months,  these are 5 things that I did the month of November that brought me immediate results and continues to drive traffic to my blog every single day:


1.Organized Boards on Pinterest

I reorganized all my Pinterest boards into more specific categories, wrote descriptions for every board and made pretty board covers using utilizing my brand’s colors and fonts.

Also, I created a board dedicated solely to my blog posts and made it the first thing that anyone sees when they are visiting my Pinterest account. 



2. Improved My Graphics.

I would scroll through my Pinterest timeline and paid close attention to the pins that would catch my eye. I would screenshot and use those pins as reference when creating graphics for my blog.

I took note of the pictures used, colors and how the graphics headlines were worded to come up with my own catchy headline to fit my blog posts.



2.Joined Group Boards (and made a few of my own!)

I joined over 70 group boards!

Yes that may seem like a lot, but I have noticed that many of the more popular bloggers who promote on Pinterest have over 100 group boards that they belong to.

I found group boards by using the website Pingroupie and I also visited the Pinterest accounts of bloggers I follow to figure out what boards of which they were Collaborators and applied to the same boards.

I made sure to only joined group boards that were relevant to my blog topics such as Real Estate, Finance, Blogging, etc.

I turned some of my personal Pinterest boards into group boards by inviting followers who posted awesome content relevant to my board’s overall theme.


3.Used Tailwind App to Post to Group Boards (AMAZING!)

I originally used the free version of the Tailwind App and even then I saw immediate results within days of using it.

Because the free version only allows you to pin to a few boards at a time I decided to invest into the premium “plus” version of Tailwind which also comes with detailed analytics of your Pinterest account and website.

Using the Tailwind App was the best decision I ever made to grow my blog traffic.

With just a few clicks of my mouse, I was able to post my best content to all of my group boards within seconds.

Tailwind does all the hard work and also posts on a consistent schedule so you are able to pin while you’re sleeping!

Using the Tailwind app I grouped together my Pinterest boards into categories and whenever I published a post I would used Tailwind to post to each of the group boards as well as my personal board with the relevant content.

Tailwind saved me so much time and I highly recommend taking advantage of this great deal that if you sign up using my code you will receive $15 off if you upgrade to plus!



4. Removed Personal Photos from Instagram

Like I mentioned previously, when I started my blog I had mostly close friends and families as my followers on my social media accounts.

So to give my Instagram a more professional feel to it I took off all of my personal photos and instead created graphics using using my brand colors.

I noticed that having a consistent Instagram theme worked well for many major bloggers and was a way to drive traffic to my blog.

When I published new content I would add the blog post’s link into my Instagram bio. I also add “Check out my new post! Link in Bio” in the description area of any post that I send out during the day.



5. Shared Blog Posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram etc.

Share share and share! You want people to know that you have a blog so share all your posts on every social media platform that you have accounts on.

What I found by doing this was family and friends were sharing my content on Facebook. Using the right hashtags on Twitter and Instagram got some of my posts retweeted, liked and helped me gain new followers.


Doing these 5 things consistently throughout the month of November drove my traffic through the roof and I look forward to more growth as I implement more tactics to grow my followers and brand.

I hope that you are able to take away enough valuable information from this post so you can get the same if not more results by following these tactics to get more pageviews on your blog.

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What are some cool and unique ways that you drive traffic to your blog? Comment below!

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