So, you have made the decision that you are ready to start a blog.

However, you can’t quite figure out what to name it.

I’ve been in your shoes before and sadly I spent weeks upon weeks trying to come up with a name that “clicked”.

To help shorten your learning curve, in this post I will share with you tips, tricks and tools that you can use to find the perfect name for your blog so that you can get over that mental speed bump and start working on your blog today!

Ready to start your blog but can't come up with a name? Read this post to find out creative ways to name your blog and get started working on your blog today!

You are eager to get started on your blog but yet you can not think of the perfect name.

You want a memorable name for your blog.

You want a name that is cute, quirky, cool and describes who you are and what you are passionate about.

You are seriously stumped.

You simply can not get past naming your blog because you want it to be just right.

Well, can I tell you a secret?

No one really cares what your blog name is!

Yep, no one cares.

Most people are not wasting time typing your blog name in to find it. They are usually getting to your blog by clicking on hyperlinks, your Pinterest pins, etc.

People just want information. It does not matter what the blog is called as long as you are creating content that adds value to their lives and offer tangible information that can be used immediately.

To help you quickly come up with a name that satisfies you ( because no one else cares, seriously) you can use these 5 tricks, tools and tips to name your blog and get the show on the road!


1. Use a Name Generator

An awesome free tool that I highly recommend using when creating your blog name is Spinxo.

You simply enter your criteria (favorite numbers, nicknames, hobbies, etc.) and it generates several names that you can use for your blog, Instagram, YouTube, or whatever else your heart desires.

After clicking on a name that you like, the site automatically checks the name against other social media websites and will tell you if the name is available.

This tool is simple, easy to use and will save you a lot of time. Click here to check it out! 


2.Name Your Blog After Yourself

This is always a given.

Unless you have a super common name, naming your blog after yourself will not hurt you.

No matter the name, in the end you are branding yourself. 

When people talk about your content, usually your name will be involved.

Plus, using your name is simple. Your parents have already done the legwork.

Also, you can easily create unique adaptations of your name to make it work.

Just make sure to use the free tool Namechk to ensure that your name isn’t used on any other social media websites that you would like to promote your content on.


3. Ask Kids or Young Children For Name Ideas.

There’s something incredibly amazing about young children. They have an awesome imagination and are super creative.

Many have not been influenced or bogged down by jobs, bills and other factors only adults deal with so they are able to think faster and clearer than we can.

Asking a small child a question such as  “If you could name a cool website where you write about food (or whatever your niche may be) what would it be?”.

You can even go as far as asking them the names of their imaginary friends, pets, or whatever else their clever minds can come up with.

Using children to help create a name for your blog is a great way to get them involved and can fill them with pride as they are contributing to something awesome.

It’s surely a win-win for everyone!


4. Keep a Dream Journal

We all dream.

Sometimes things could get really weird.

However, utilizing your dreams can be a great resource for coming up with the perfect  blog name.

If you can vividly remember your dream, upon waking immediately write it down.

What made this dream memorable? Was it flying cats? Or green clouds?

Use whatever that made the dream memorable for you as a way to create a blog name that means something to you.


5. Keep Writing Until it Clicks.

The good ol’ fashion brainstorming. Take a sheet of paper and grab a pen.

Start writing.

Continue to write down name combinations until you find the one that “clicks”.

You will know it is the perfect name because it feels right. Follow your intuition. Marry it and move forward.

Always remember to check whatever name that you come up with against other websites and social media accounts using Namechk.


Hindsight is always 20/20, and looking back I wish that I had started this blog a lot sooner. I wasted so much time (literally, months) trying to come up with the perfect blog name. Take my advice when I say do not waste too much time on this. Time is of the essence and naming your blog should be an easy task. What is of the utmost  importance, isn’t the name of the blog but rather what value do you add to your readers.


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