Are you working with a Real Estate Agent that kinda sucks?

See, no one really knows that they are working with a bad Agent until it’s too late (Usually after they have signed a contract with them!)

Unfortunately, I hear horror stories all the time about Real Estate Agents from “Hell” and I’m here to tell you the major signs to look for when dealing with these kind of troublemakers.

Below I have listed the top 5 signs you are working with a bad Real Estate Agent and will tell you how to politely and professionally get out of a contract with them.

Fact: No one likes to be screwed over. Read this post to find out what signs to look out for when dealing with a bad Real Estate Agent and what to do about it.


Top 5 Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent


1.Doesn’t Call or Respond in a Timely Manner

This is the first sign of trouble.

If you have hired a Real Estate Agent to help you buy or sell a home and it takes them days and sometimes weeks to get back to you then it may be time to give them the good ol’ fashioned boot. 

You need your Real Estate Agent to communicate with you at all times, especially considering the fact that you are dealing with one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.

If you feel that your Agent is not consistently keeping you updated, is always unavailable or not addressing any of your concerns, express how you feel with them first and if not fixed immediately show them the door. Literally.


2.Doesn’t Negotiate On Your Behalf

One thing that bothers me more than flies buzzing in a closed window is a Real Estate Agent that refuses to negotiate. 

I’m in full agreement that negotiation skills is a must-have quality of any Agent that you work with.

If your Real Estate Agent is unwilling to negotiate on your behalf then they create opportunity for the other parties involved in the Real Estate transaction to take advantage of you. 

Trust me, no one likes to feel as if they are being screwed over and if the Agent that you are working with doesn’t have the guts to hash it out with the other party until there is a compromise then it may be time to find an Agent with a backbone.


3.Spills the Beans AKA Tells Your Confidential Information

It is your Real Estate Agent’s duty and legal obligation to keep confidential anything that they learn about you or anything that you disclose with them of which involves your personal motivation, financial or business affairs.

If they wish to disclose any personal information, it must be in writing and authorized by you. 

It’s extremely important that your Real Estate Agent doesn’t reveal any personal information to the other parties involved in your Real Estate transaction because it can (and most likely will) be used against you in negotiations.

Your Agent must take any info involving your personal affairs that you disclose with them to their…graves. *cue spooky music*


4.Extremely Disorganized

Paperwork all over the place, late to appointments and severely “scatterbrained”, does this sound like your Real Estate Agent?

Working with a Real Estate Agent that has those type of qualities is a Big “No-No”.

If they are not able to keep track of your appointments and are always unprepared when you need help the most, then this may not be the type of person that you would want to work with on selling or buying property that is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, no matter how “nice” they are.

Save yourself the headache and stress, if dealing with an Agent that seems irresponsible cut the ties as soon as possible.



5.Isn’t Loyal

Last, but not least, you do not want to work with a Real Estate Agent that makes you feel unsure of whose side they’re on.

They may appear to be cheering for you but their actions tell you that the other party involved is offering them a bonus in pay. Whatever the case may be, this character is pushy and isn’t concerned with how you feel or how you are being treated.

One word of advice: Run.

Real Estate Agents with self-interest motives have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

If you are working with one and you feel pressured to make a decision that you are not totally comfortable with then you are working with a bad Agent.


If your Real Estate Agent shows any of these signs, there may still be room for remediation. I highly suggest addressing your concerns with your Real Estate Agent first whether it be by email, phone or face-to-face. Ultimately, the choice is yours and what makes you feel comfortable.

If you still feel as if their performance isn’t adequate enough to meet your standards, review your contract for any cancellation or “kick-out” clauses, if unable to find what you need call the Agent’s Broker or Office Manager to remedy or dissolve the relationship immediately. 


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Please share your bad Real Estate Agent experience below! We want to know what signs to look out for!

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