So, I accidently made $1000 from my blog.

Trust me, I was just as shocked as you are from reading the title as I was when I saw the deposits into my bank account.

After blogging as a hobby for almost a year, I made many small changes that changed my blog in a huge way. I’m talking about insane amounts of followers, traffic and pageviews.

In this post I’m going to share with you exactly how I made $1,000 over 2 months on my blog without even trying and give you advice on how to do the exact same.

This is my very first income report where I breakdown everything I did to make $1,000 this month from my blog.

This is my very first income report where I breakdown everything I did to make $1,000 this month from my blog.


How I Accidentally Made $1,000 From Blogging


Let me start by telling you this, I never expected to make a lot of money from blogging. 

Within the last 2 months, I started adding ads and affiliate links to my posts to help with the costs of upkeep and maintenance of my blog. So, this will be my very first income report and the money I have made has come as a total surprise to me.

This blog has become a fun hobby and creative outlet for me, especially since I’m a huge fan of Pinterest and I’m always creating new posts to write about on pins and other topics that I come across that I think are super helpful and can be shared with others.

But this month something crazy and unexplained happened.

My post “10 Books Rich People Read to Get Richer” went viral!

That single post was shared over 3,000 times and it literally shot my traffic through the roof. Before that post, I was averaging about 2-3k views a month in traffic but this month I hit over 10,000 page views and it’s steadily climbing. 

Below I will give you a breakdown on some things that I think were super helpful in getting those amazing results but first if you are thinking about starting a blog the time is now and I highly suggest you check out this post to learn how to get started.


Traffic Report

Yeah, something magical happened here!

Income Breakdown

This amounts shown below are the combined totals from March and May

Bluehost Affiliate: $130

Shareasale Affiliate: $80.15

Awin Affiliate:$72.11

Google Adsense: $241.53

Amazon Affiliate: $279.23

Freelance Writing Gig: $200

So, I made roughly $1003.02 all together which I believe is astonishing!

5 Action Steps Breakdown:

1.I made longer and colorful collage pins.

As you can see here, these are the two pins that I owe so much gratitude for exploding my traffic. As you can tell they are significantly different from my other pinned images in regards to design, colors and what not.

I followed the advice of several bloggers that state to try A/B image testing for your posts and they both kinda blew up together. But as you can see the collage post was shared twice as much.


2. I joined over 100 group boards.

I went on a group board joining frenzie! I joined boards that were related to my pins so that they could be shared more widely among people who would enjoy them. So I joined more Real Estate, Blog Boosting and Home Decor & DIY boards.


3. I set my pinning on autopilot.


It can get pretty time-consuming to manually pin all day, I use this amazing app called Tailwind to automate my pinning and it helps out so much. I honestly do not know what to do without it! I wake up each and every day with hundreds of repins on content that have been automatically scheduled during the night.

If you are serious about growing your blog, traffic and followers I highly recommend that you give this app a try. Plus if you use my link by clicking here you will get $15 off if you upgrade to Tailwind plus. I’m telling you it is definitely worth it!


4. I shared other people’s pins a lot.

I kept seeing over and over again bloggers standing by the 80/20 Rule of which you share 80% other people’s pins and 20% of your own. Following this simple principle worked tremendously in several ways.

First, my follower count increased dramatically. I went from about 1,600 followers in March to 2,000 in May so I’ve been attracting more than 50 new followers a week. As a result of getting new followers, I was getting more repins on all of my content as well!

5. I continued to produce more content.

Even though my post went viral, which was super exciting, I didn’t stop there. I continued to produce more content. I couldn’t rely on this single post to take me all the way to “blog heaven” aka my goal of eventually getting 1 million followers and page views.

There are several bloggers that I follow that always report fluctuating traffic after a blog post takes off and that it is best to take it as merely luck and to continue on as if it never happened.

I don’t want to stop digging 3 feet short of gold so I will continue my schedule of producing more helpful blog posts that people will want to share naturally because it actually helped them in some way, shape or form.

Now as I conclude this post, I raise my invisible champagne flute into the air with a delightful “Cheers!” to go along with it as I look towards the future. I am very excited to see what next month brings!

What have been some obstacles you have faced when getting traffic to your blog? Let’s talk about it! Comment below.

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