10 Winter Outfit Ideas for Lady Bosses

Winter is among us ladies! That doesn’t mean that we can’t stay on top of the latest fashion trends. I’m not a huge fan of cold weather (ugh!) but I am willing to dress it up when the occasion arises. Feel inspired by checking out these absolutely fabulous winter outfit combos.   2016 Winter Outfit […] Read more…

I want to be successful. I am determined to reach my goals no matter what.

The 5 Proven Steps to Massive Success

What does success mean to you? For many people, success could mean getting married to the person of their dreams, losing weight or getting a promotion at work. Whatever the case may be, achieving success requires something special. You may watch videos or read articles about people doing the unthinkable and achieving amazing feats whether […] Read more…

Motivation is needed daily when working towards your goals.

23 Motivational Quotes That Will Change Your Life

Just like brushing your teeth or taking a bath, motivational quotes should be read every single day. Not only will they automatically energize you, motivational quotes can be used to help you refocus¬†on your goals, dreams and passions. I admit, there are some days when I feel completely apathetic, uninspired and downright lazy. However, when […] Read more…

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