Everybody has a niche.

There is no such thing as being “nicheless” despite what you may have heard or read somewhere else.

Unless you are a social recluse who lives in a box (even that could be niche!), you have something that you are interested in or passionate about.

Read these 5 tips to find out how to find your blogging niche and start working on your blog today!

Read this post to find out how to find your blog niche and get started on your blog today!

We live in a very noisy world. 

What I mean by that is there is something always going on and we have a major problem with information overload. 

When starting a blog, you probably have read so many articles on how to start one and then once you set everything up you are left standing alone asking, “What’s my next step?”.

And that’s where I swoop in and save the day!

I’ve been in your shoes before and I understand how it feels to have a lack of direction. Everyone telling you to do things but not how to do them.

See, I changed my blog name and title 3 times before I settled on keeping it Mama Real Estate.

I wasted months trying to figure it out.

That “it” was my niche.

I had read too many articles on how to find or why to have a niche and ultimately found myself going in circles and not getting anything done. 

However, because I want you to avoid from wasting time and making the same mistake I did below I have listed 6 actionable steps you can take right now to find your niche and start posting on your blog today!


Blogging 101: How to Find Your Niche

1.Check Your Browser History

Yes this may sound strange, but going through your web browser history can help you find your niche.

Your history shows all the websites you have viewed in the past few months and is an excellent way to get ideas of what you should write about on your blog.

Are you finding yourself searching for dog food a lot? Plants? Relationships advice? You can very much so turn these topics in blog topics.

With these ideas in mind you could create a blog where you write reviews on dog food you have tried and why or why not Fluffy didn’t eat it. Or relationship advice you have tried and the results on your relationship.

See where I’m going there?

Write down the top 5 things you have searched in your browser history.

2. Take Note of Who you are Following on Social Media.

On your social media accounts, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram take into account who you are following and why.

What kind of people are they? What do they promote?

Whatever they are doing to get your attention (videos, quotes, tutorials) will also leave clues to how to attract your ideal audience for your blog as well.

Are the people you’re following money mavericks? Make up artists? Gamers?

The things these people are doing to attract and keep your attention is your niche.

Write down the top 5 people, blogs or networks your are following on social media.

As a new blogger tip, you could even try to contact these people and set up an interview for your blog. That would be pretty cool!

3. What Kind of Books are you Reading?

Look around your living space. What kind of magazines or books do you have an abundance of?

Are many of your books written by the same author?

The type of books, genre or the particular author that you are completely obsessed with can point you to your niche and give you several topics to write about.

Write down the top 5 books you have at home and would highly recommend others to read.


4. What are your favorite T.V. shows?

Do you enjoy watching the news? Do you prefer the music channel? Do you love horror films or shows? Figure out what it is about these shows that attract you and come up with blog topics you can discuss or elaborate on.

Write down your top 3-5 t.v shows and come up with blog topics to discuss on your blog.


5. What are your hobbies?

What are your hobbies/ recreational activities that you  enjoy daily ? Even if it’s as silly as finding memes you could very well make that your niche.  See there is no one thing that you can write about. There are several bloggers who make it seem like you have to write about one thing when in reality you may have interests in several things!

Write down 5 things about your hobbies that you love and make a blog topic, tutorial or infographic about it.


6. What do you like to eat or drink?

Do you love wine? Or are you a cheese connoisseur? No matter the food or drink there is something that you enjoy eating or making that you probably can share with the world.

Write down your top 5 favorite restaurants, recipes or foods that you enjoy eating. Create blog topics based on each and create a format in which it would be helpful to others.


7. Where do you live? Why do you love it or hate it?

Travelling blogs are hot right now. People love reading about exotic and interesting places and you could definitely add to the mix. You can start by writing about your current city or places you have visited. Reviews on restaurants, hotels as well as local attractions can help you discover a niche in you can write about in your blog.

Write down 5 things that people come to your city to visit or see. Think of blog topics in which you can elaborate on each attraction, restaurant  or hotel.


Finding your niche can be easy. If you wrote down everything that I told you, you should at least 35 topics to write about on your blog.

You just have to look around and become self aware of the things that you are already interested in.

Your blog doesn’t have to be about one thing, despite what you have been told or may have read from others.

You can make your blogging “niche” about anything!

Your blog is the creative outlet where you can write and talk  about the things you enjoy, the things you hate and the things that you like only on Mondays.

Your blog is your space.

Do what you want and most importantly do it with passion.


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