We live in a negative society.

It is a proven fact that regardless of culture and age, there are far more words in the human language that express negativity rather than positivity.

Along with the sensationalist news and uprise of social media, negativity spreads like wildfire and severely impacts how we perceive, act and engage with others and even ourselves.

A few months ago, I found myself feeling depressed, lethargic and unmotivated.

There were days when I had to force myself out of the bed to even get food and water.

However, several months later I’ve turned my life completely around without the need of medication.

I am bursting with energy, creativity, passion and motivation.

And most importantly, I am happy.

In this post, I will share with you the 5 things I did that changed my life and I hope to inspire you to make the same changes that will get you back to happy.

Do you feel depressed, unenergized and unmotivated? Read this post to find out how to become blissfully happy and live your life to the fullest.


How to Be Blissfully Happy


1.Cut Off Negative Friends and Family

The most crucial step to getting to your happy place is to cut off those friends and family members that are dragging you down.

If they don’t support you, your dreams, passions or goals you do not need them in your life.

The number 1 reason most people decide not to pursue their dreams in the first place is because of the opinions of those they consider friends and family.

Listening to their opinions may lead to your life spiraling out of control or headed in a direction that you don’t like because you’ve decided to live up to their expectations or standards instead of your own.

If you want to be happy, you have to cut them off.

2. Stop Using Social Media

Social media is a blessing and a curse.

A blessing in a sense that it allows you to connect with some amazing people and resources however it’s flooded with negativity that is constantly being shared and slammed in front of our faces.

Social Media has allowed those that would never say such hateful and disgusting things in the presence of others a platform to become “internet trolls” which makes for lots of uncomfortable posts and interactions on the web.

I highly suggest using social media at a minimum if not at all.

Engage only with those that you share commonalities with and block others that trash your timeline with negativity.

3. Pursue Your Passion

We come up with excuses but ultimately it is our choice to decide how we want to live our life.

If you love cats and want to open a cat shelter, do it.

If you want to travel the world and eat strange food, do it.

You may ask how?

You have to understand that in order for you to pursue your passion sometimes you have to break the mold. You will have to do things out of the ordinary to live the life you’ve always wanted.

If there is a will there is a way and this is where it becomes very important for you to release your creative energy.

Research or create ways to make it happen.

4. If You Hate Your Job, Find Another.

This may be hard for some because we have been fed a huge lie that there is a shortage of occupations so we hold on to soul-sucking jobs that we hate because we believe there is nothing else out there for us.

Look, if there isn’t a job that you want then create one.

Start your own business.

Create an e-commerce shop.

Make something and sell it.

Figure out a way to monetize what you already enjoy doing.

There’s no better job than being paid for what you enjoy, it will never feel like work!

5. Love yourself.

You have to love yourself.

This means you have to accept yourself, flaws and all. Stop comparing yourself to others and what they have.

Focus on you.

What makes you an individual? Find new ways to love yourself every single day.

Buy new clothes, exercise, get your hair styled whatever it takes to make you feel more confident in yourself just do it.

We have a habit of neglecting ourselves and giving more to others than we do ourselves.

Stop it.

Embrace yourself and everything that makes you unique.

I promise if you love yourself first, you will become the happiest person you could ever be.

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