You wake up and decide that today is the day. Whether it is to start a healthy diet, exercise more or to save money today you are taking your goal serious.

You start watching a ton of YouTube videos, create a dream board, and tell all your friends and family about what you are planning to achieve. You are pumped! You’re super focused and nothing can stop you.

You are so motivated that this time around you know that you are going to reach your goal and then some.

Then a week later your account is in the negatives or you’re in front of your tv eating Lays potato chips and a fully loaded burger from Five Guys.

What happened?

Motivation is fleeting. You have to commit to goals if you want success. Discipline is a must.

I know I am not the first to exclaim to the world that I am starting a new fitness routine or diet only to revert back to my old habits before the week is over with.

Motivation is great in the moment then something happens and it’s gone.

The harsh reality about motivation is this: It’s unreliable.

Relying solely on motivation to accomplish any goal is the reason many people ( including myself) fall short of our targets.

A major problem with being motivated is that it is based on our emotional state. Emotions come and go and likewise the intensity of our motivation fluctuates daily. Basing any goal on emotion is the primary reason most goals are not reached.

Along with motivation are several contributing factors to why we fail to reach a target. Listed below are the top 5 reasons I’ve pinpointed to be the most detrimental to goal setting and what you can do to combat them.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Fail to Reach Your Goals


1.You are distracted.

Thanks to technology, we have access to way to many things at once. A blessing and a curse, social media is to blame for stealing our attention and keeping us distracted for hours upon hours. I know I am guilty of logging into Pinterest and strolling through pictures and posts all day long.

Social media is so addicting!

We download apps and games on our phones and as soon as something new happens we receive notifications. Instantly, we are sidetracked and we stop whatever we are doing to open the app to see what’s going on.

Fix: Delete or turn off all App notifications from your phone. Do not respond to any text/ emails until you have accomplished your goals for the day.


2.You are not truly passionate about this goal.

Ask yourself “Is this goal something I really want to achieve? Do I have a burning desire to accomplish it? Am I doing this for myself or others?”

Lack of passion can cause you to second guess your goals. Without passion you will lose the drive to reach your target and instead find excuses why you can’t accomplish it.

Fix: Write down why you want to complete this goal EVERY SINGLE DAY. Come up with new reasons to reignite your passion daily.


3. You don’t believe in yourself.

You doubt yourself and your ability to accomplish the goal. You fear change and therefore find comfort in your current situation.

Fix: You will not succeed unless you step out of your comfort zone. If there is any step that you need to take to accomplish your goal that you are dreading, make sure it’s the one you do first.


4. Your friends and family tell you that you can’t achieve your goal.

You have too many people giving you ill advice or telling you that what you want to achieve can’t be done.. We all know that this type of “support” is only a reflection of their own capabilities. This negativity greatly hinders your chances of completing your goal. Some people will completely throw away their goals because they do not have the backing of their friends and family.

Fix: Do not tell anyone about your goals. Work in silence and let the results speak for you.


5. You are not disciplined.

The reason why we most of us stop working towards a goal is because we lack discipline. We know what we need to do but yet we don’t do it. We refuse to push ourselves to get to the next level. We avoid the necessary steps required to reach our targets and our goals suffer because we will not take responsibility for our actions.

Fix: Take responsibility for your actions. You have the ultimate decision to stay the course. Decide and commit.


I was making the same mistakes over and over again. I would work towards a goal very strongly in the beginning and then lose wind as the days went by. Once I was able to figure out the things I was doing wrong, it became easier for me to reapproach my goal with greater determination.

The key to accomplishing any goal is discipline. Take action and commit to your goal regardless of any interference.

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