I’m so loving this new and rising trend of donut home decor. With National Donut Day just around the corner (June 2 to be exact) these diy donut home decor crafts are fashionably on time.

Donut home decor shouts fun, love and happiness. With it’s vibrant colors and the evergreen sweet reminders of one of the world’s most renown pastry, donut home decor is a must-have.

Who wouldn’t want to fall in love with these adorable, budget friendly DIY donut home decor crafts that you could make from home?

Keep scrolling below where I share the top 10 easy diy donut home decor crafts from some of the craftiest women ever.

DIY Donut Home Decor is trending. Check out this post to see more budget friendly diy donut home decor you can make at home!


10 DIY Budget-Friendly Donut Home Decor Crafts

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1.DIY Donut Stools

Now how wonderfully creative is this? Studio DIY did a fantastic job of capturing the fun and sweet essence of donuts by decorating the top of these all white bar stools. With only a few rolls of colored vinyl Studio DIY effortlessly created a donut masterpiece. Check out the full tutorial here. 

2. DIY Donut Rug

This donut rug is simply the bees knees! Artfully crafted by Brittnay Jepson of the House That Lars Built, this warm and inviting donut rug was made easily with a few cans of spray paint, tape, acrylic paint and an inexpensive circle-shaped rug from Ikea. Read more on this fantastic tutorial here.


3. DIY Donut Pillow

So sweet! Liven up any room with this adorable donut pillow made with just felt, glue gun and acrylic paint, this donut craft is just too cute to pass by.


4. DIY Scented Donut Soap

Yummy! These colorful donut scented soaps (although not edible) are an absolutely delicious addition to any bathroom. Can you imagine the sweet aroma of donuts on your hands after washing with these? You can enjoy the full tutorial on making these crafty hand soaps here.


5. DIY Donut Coasters

It’s impossible to overlook these super cute donut coasters! Made in minutes with just cork coasters and paint, these coasters are budget-friendly, cute and filled with personality. Add life to your coffee tables with these fun donut coasters! For the full tutorial click here. 


6. DIY Donut Clock

Wouldn’t you just love telling time with this donut clock on your wall? This cheerful clock is so festive and incredibly easy to duplicate. Using minimal materials such as a clock kit and paint this donut clock will have you staring at the time all day. Have fun following the full tutorial here. 


7. DIY Donut Bouquet

Where’s the party? It’s definitely at your house with this insanely creative donut bouquet made from styrofoam, paint and kabob sticks. Perfect for any celebration, this bouquet is sure to turn some heads. Read more on this lovely tutorial here. 


8. DIY Donut Garland

I love love love this donut garland! You can make this fun and memorable decoration in less than 10 minutes with simple supplies such as colored paper and puffy paint. This is perfect decor for a party or play room! Click here to see the full tutorial.


9. DIY Donut Bulletin Board

The perfect accessory for a totally chic and fun room. These bulletin board donuts are incredibly cute and sweet. Made with cork board and handmade pom-pom push pins you will want to pin everything you can to these boards!

10. DIY Donut Crochet Pillows

I just fell head over heels in love with these awesome donut crochet pillows. What a statement you will make using these as accent pillows on your favorite sofa. You can see more lovely pics of these pillows here.

Are you convinced now that donut home decor is like the best creation ever? I love these diy donut home decor crafts and I hope that you have fun trying them out on your own!

Which DIY Donut Home Decor craft is your favorite? Let us know below!

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