Yay for coffee tables!

I love how a perfectly styled coffee table adds instant personality to any room.

If you have been looking for fabulous, budget-friendly ways to style a coffee table, look no further.

In this post I will share with you 10 irresistibly gorgeous styled coffee tables from some of my favorite Decoristas plus tips on how to create the perfect coffee table style for your room. Keep scrolling below to check them out!

Coffee table styling is all the rage. Read this post to learn how to create the perfect coffee table look.


10 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

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1. Create Sections

So first and foremost, I like to utilize any trays or decorative bowls to make sections on the coffee table- Ashley of The Teacher Diva

This glass top gold coffee table is perfectly chic and modern. Ashley of The Teacher Diva is credited for creating this gorgeous coffee table set up of which she states is her “favorite piece in her house.” She creates sections on her coffee table by using trays and creating a separate space for books, floral decor and candles.


2. The Rule of Three

Start with three very different objects and explore different arrangements, finding a balance that feels right for your coffee table. -Hadley Court

Minimalist in it’s set up, this marble top coffee table is decorated with a statement book, abstract art piece and a small floral bouquet.  This simple trio comes together to make a bold statement.


3. Rugs are a Coffee Table’s Best Friend

This amazing living space was crafted by creative blogger Sara Mueller. As a self-proclaimed “perfectionist” she amazingly pulled off the perfect coffee table aesthetic using a simple shag rug, flower bouquet and accessorized serving tray.


4. Add Something Quirky

I always like to include a little conversation piece in my coffee table vignette as well. Just something a little different or humorous will show off your personality and make your coffee table a little more fun.- Kimberly of Swoonworthy

I love how Kimberly of Swoonworthy adds a quirky, personality piece to her coffee table such as a ceramic pineapple to further solidify her spunky attitude.


5.Mirror, Mirror on the …Coffee Table?

This mirror top coffee table paired with a mirrored gold accent tray gives this living room a very chic and elegant feel. The peace sign hand sculpture, scented candle and rose bouquet comes together as the perfect ensemble.


6. Add Some Height

The Brunette One home tour showcases this amazing coffee table set up with its eye catching pieces such as the tall all white candle stick holders delicately placed inside of a wooden decorative tray. This feminine coffee table set up pairs perfectly with a shag accent rug.


7. Say Yes to Succulents!

Sometimes you just need a little “green” in your life. This earthy-themed coffee table display radiates warmth, peace and serenity with its succulents, wood and metal tray decor.


8. Something Blue

Add interest to your coffee table with a decorative object.  Use small decorative pieces to add on top of your books, magazines or to place in your tray.  I’ve used plates, shells, candles and a collection of blue and white china- Kylie of DIY Decorator

The blue and white china on this coffee table definitely creates a delicately vintage coffee table focal point. Kylie of the DIY Decorator details how she created this coffee table masterpiece here.


9. Go for Bold


Ceres of The Pink Dream definitely has a knack for creating a coffee table set up that gets major attention. Utilizing bold colors and animal print accent pillows, this living space is fantastically bold, feminine and memorable.


10. Add a Pop of Color

How captivating is this coffee table? I love how Anum of AnumTariq captures luxury in its glory with gold and black accents and a pop of color.   Prepare to wow guests in your home with this simply classy coffee table display.


Which coffee table look is your favorite and why? Comment below! We would love to hear from you.

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